Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I book a Gin School class?

    Visit The School section on the website.

    Proceed to click BOOK NOW to complete all necessary steps from scheduling to payment.

    To read about our booking process, click on See booking mechanics.

  • Do you offer any special promos?


    Summer 2020 Promo: All bookings at 20% discount. Valid until May 2020.

    Resorts World Members Promo: All bookings at 20% discount.

    Valid until August 2020. Hilton Dining Members Promo: All bookings at 25% discount. Valid until August 2020.

  • What are stills?

    A still is an apparatus that performs the distillation process (heating, boiling and cooling), then dispenses the gin for you to enjoy when it is ready.

    The stills used in Nelson's Gin School are much smaller and are designed for casual social consumption. These are easily places atop wooden countertops for convenient access while seated during our classes/parties.

    Each still can only make 1 bottle (500ml) of Gin or Vodka.

    Book a still now.

  • What is the difference between a single still, a shared still and a mixed still?

    A single still is good for one person while a shared still is good for two people. Booking mixed stills simply means that both a single still and a shared still can be booked. Each still produces 1 bottle (500ml) of Gin or Vodka.

  • Can I pay via bank deposit, cash or installments?

    Payments must be made in full. Purchases and bookings made through our website are processed through PayPal for both Debit and Credit card payments under MasterCard, Visa, and GCash.

    We also accept on-site/walk-in cash/credit card payments and over-the-counter bank payments.

  • What if I opt to book as a walk-in and the class is full when I arrive?

    We can assist you with booking for another available schedule on-site at a discounted rate.

  • What is the policy for booking cancellation? Can my payment be refunded?

    We DO NOT offer any refund for Gin School bookings or vouchers.

  • Can I make a last-minute booking?

    For cases such as this, kindly contact: Alexandra Chan at 09176206965.

  • Can I reschedule my booking?

    Yes, but this will incur a P1,200 re-booking fee. Kindly contact: Alexandra Chan at 09176206965.

  • Why do I need to state my food allergies?

    It is important for any medical conditions to be brought to our attention in order to prevent any discomfort and harm in our guests. Before proceeding with any event, we must ensure that all concerns are communicated and monitored to allow for a truly smooth and enjoyable experience at Nelson's Gin School.

  • Is my booking transferrable?

    Yes, you may extend your booking to someone who would like to attend on your scheduled class date.